Burning Seed 2020: Tipping Point - Digitally Burning

Fri Sep 25, 12:00 - Sun Sep 27, 23:00


A new world awaits you. Experience a Burning Seed like no other as we take our imaginations into the virtual and connect in new ways. Expect a paddock in the ether, theme camps and art projects unlimited by the physical dimensions. This is Burning Seed at its most experimental.

Don't know what Burning Seed is? It is a gathering that follows the ten guiding principles of Burning Man and is Australia's largest regional burn. It is an event that is dedicated to creativity and collaboration; conceived, built and run by you - the community.

What will you Experience? Absolutely anything that is possible to be conceived; constructed and streamed into the ether. If you can imagine it, you can stream it. We will provide you a platform to explore the wonder of our do-ocracy and gifting economy; and our creators will deliver DJs, stages, performances, talks, parties, art and anything else they or you can conceive.

This is a virtual event that will have live content running through the weekend of September 25th - 27th, 2020. This is a Seed like no other, delivered in a year like no other.

As such ticketing is donation based and proceeds will be donated to the WWF (https://www.wwf.org.au/) to assist in the rebuilding of the Australian ecology after the devastating fires over last summer.  You can also choose to donate directly to the WWF if you'd prefer

We still need you to purchase a "ticket" to access the platform, however how much you wish to donate is up to you.

Are you ready for a Seed like no other? Find out more by visiting www.burningseed.com or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/burningseedaustralia/  

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Age restriction Family friendly
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